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DIY Wood Plank Ceiling

Author: Life in Our Corner
Learn how to DIY a Wood Plant Ceiling with beams. Doing the job yourself is so easy and just about anyone can do it.
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Print Recipe


  • 6" wood plants
  • wood stain
  • nails and screws


  • Decide which direction you want the planks to go.
    You’ll want to look at the layout of the room and determine what direction you want the plank board to go. We wanted beams so we had the planks go the longer way across the room and the beams went across the width of the space.
  • Measure your ceiling.
    You want to measure the complete area of the ceiling so you know what size board to purchase.
  • Cut the planks.
    While you are at the store, have them cut your boards for you if you don’t have a saw.
  • Choose stains.
    You want to choose the stain you want and try a sample in an area that will not be see if you don’t like the color.
    A tip we learned is your local store will match the stain for you if you are trying to stay close to a color. They are pretty accurate.
  • Stain the plank boards.
    Once you’ve determined what stain you want, just stain the boards. Each additional application of the stain, the color will become darker and darker.
  • Allow stain to dry.
    I know it’s exciting, but allow the stain to completely dry before installing the ceiling. We really like working with the gel stain because they dried almost immediately.
  • Start nailing the planks.
    Start at one corner of the room and put up your first plank. We used our 18 gauge nail gun to secure the nails to the ceiling.
  • Continue until all boards are installed.
    You want to continue nailing the planks together with as little seam as possible.

How to add a beam to planked ceiling-

  • Get the correct size beam.
    You don’t want seams and pieces in your “beam” even though it’s fake. If your room is wide, order the appropriate size needed.
  • Connect three of the board to create a U. Nail this part to the ceiling first. We secured it into the studs with the screw gun.
  • Take your final pieces and complete the beam. Secure it with the nail gun.