We are Moving, Part 4

We packed up all of our belongings and placed them into storage and took a few minimal items into an RV and went camping for two weeks before we headed down to Florida.

If you didn’t watch the first parts of our moving series, start with those posts and videos: here is Part 1, then Part 2 and Part 3 :).


So here’s the video for those who prefer videos over blog posts. Have grace though, we are learning the ropes of videoing.

After our going away party, we had to leave our home and give the keys to the buyers. We put all of our belongings into a school bus (yes you read that right) and placed it into storage (we’ll come back for it when we purchase a home).

In the meantime, we just needed a break so we took the kids camping (more like glamping) – moving is no joke and we were exhausted!

Mohican Adventures-

Our first week was spent at Mohican Adventures, their info is here. We absolutely loved the place and we’d give it an 8/10 rating – the only reason it’s not a 10/10 is there is quite a bit of walking if your campsite is further back and our was.

  • Pricing was extremely affordable.
  • The bathrooms and showers were so clean and updated. The entire campsite was very well maintained and we really loved that.
  • There’s a cute little Amish store right as you enter that has food and some goodies – a must stop while you are there. 🙂
  • If you don’t have a camper, they have log homes you can stay in, you won’t regret it.
  • Our favorite was the Mohican River (it’s not included in the pricing). It takes about 3 hours to float down the entire river. If you bring phones, be sure they are safely secured.
    • Just a tip – take off your glasses (I flipped over and lost mine).
    • Be sure kids are in life jackets at all times. There was an area of rough waters and Seraphima and I flipped over, thank God she was in a life jacket or else she would have drowned (no joke). The flow of the river was really fast and I almost couldn’t keep myself up – it was actually very scary. So keep those life jackets on at all times.
    • If you bring phones, be sure they are safely secured, or you will lose them.

Yogi Bear (Clay’s Park)

Our second week was spent at Yogi Bear, previously known as Clay’s Park. It felt very fancy. The bathrooms were okay, definitely not as clean as Mohican. We’d rate it a 7/10 and the reason it’s not a 10/10 is it was very expensive and the bathrooms were not that great.

There was SO MUCH to do though:

  • You can rent a golf cart which most people do. We thought their rental was too expensive and didn’t get one.
  • The pool was heated and well-maintained and there was a ginormous hot tub.
  • The inflatables were great for all ages. Even our older boys enjoyed their time there.
  • Food was not the best, we ate at the campsite almost the entire time.
  • If you camp farther back, the walking distance to the pool/inflatables is no joke, so bring something to store everything in. We had a little wagon we used to drive everything down when we went swimming.
  • You can go miniature golfing as well.

Well, that ends our time in Ohio. We said goodbye to our family and will drive down our RV to Florida and will stay in a campsite there until we find a home.

Thanks for being a part of our online family.


Valentina and Timur

Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Abigail, Elijah and Seraphima

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  1. Valentina, can we inside the RV because I am having a hard time imaging how you all fit in there..😍

    1. Sounds fun, we will share it in the following video. Thanks so much for being a part of our online family. 🙂