We are Moving, Part 3

In part 3 of our Moving Series, we share our bittersweet Going Away Party & Joey’s Graduation.

If you missed Part 1, we did a recap of our remodel; and Part 2 we revealed where we are moving. 🙂

Going Away Party!

If you’ve ever moved away from family, I think you’ll understand how difficult this was. For those that have never moved, here’s what are are leaving behind.

  • I am one of eleven and all of our family is still in Ohio. We are the first to leave not only my siblings but their families and parents on both sides.
  • We’ve never moved and moving is a lot of work.
  • All of our friends are here.
  • Our kids are saying goodbye to everything they’ve ever known.
  • We have such a close-knit church body.
  • The comfort of knowing the area.

So, that’s why when my husband was giving the message to everyone gathered, well, I just couldn’t hold back the emotions – they were so raw.

Joey’s Graduation.

Last year Benjamin graduated high school and this year it was Joey. God’s perfect timing to allow them to end school here – He is so faithful.

Tomorrow we officially have to be out of our home so we will be packing some items into an RV and will be living in the motorhome until we find a home (that’s nine people in a 1 bedroom RV). Of course, we’ll share the experience.

Thanks so much for joining us on our journey and being a part of our online family.


Tim & Valentina

Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Abigail, Elijah and Seraphima

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