We are Moving, Part 1

We purchased the home that we currently reside in and got our key on December 26th, 2020. We took all of 2021 to make so many changes to the home. It has been such a wonderful journey. I share most of these changes on this blog and all kinds of updates on our personal Instagram Page (rewatch in the highlights).

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This is Part 1 of our journey. Here we share the before and afters of the home we remodeled. So many of you were with us for the journey.

We are MOVING!

For many years, Tim and I have talked about moving our family elsewhere. We would talk about it and then put the idea on the shelf. And after years of praying and thinking about it, we are on the same page. God’s really been pressing on our hearts to move. So we are taking a leap of faith and following His leading.

In January of 2022, we were in prayer and the Lord spoke so clearly as confirmation that it is in His heart and in His will for us to move. Since then, there have been so many confirmations that this truly is Him! We have just about halted the remodeling of our current home.

We regularly travel all over the US as I speak at women’s conferences and go serve at retreats. We’ve been trying to find where we would be a good fit and where the Lord was calling us! After going to so many different places and churches, we found a church we feel the Lord is calling us to.

I wish I can tell you where we are going, but we aren’t quite ready to share that bit of information, yet.  🙂 Coming in a few posts!

(P.S. Where do you think we are going?)

House is Sold.

It was so bittersweet to put the house on the market and yes, we may have cried some really ugly tears.

We sold our home and are in the closing process. In the following video (and post) we will share all of the details of how supernaturally that went down. For now, let’s get you caught up with the rest of the details.

The Flesh.

Most of our family, friends and acquaintances were shocked at the news that we were thinking about moving. So shocked that we would give up this life here that we’ve made – this beautiful home, this land and everything we have here.

For me to say this is easy would be a lie. For us to say this is what our flesh wants would be so far from the truth! This is a large home, perfect for our family, we have a pond, swimming pool, 50 acres of land for the kids to enjoy, a dream barndominium and the perfect garden.

We’ve remodeled the home so beautifully. However, this is all the things that satisfy the flesh. Earthly things that really don’t satisfy the spirit man.

The Spirit.

As I’ve talked so openly on our blog that we have been on a remarkable journey spiritually. We have been searching for something deeper. God is stirring in our hearts for something more.

My husband and I have been in this community and current church since we got married (and me almost my entire life). We are just so grateful for the growth we’ve had here but feel like we just need something a little different in this stage of life for us, for our children and their future.

We love this community we’ve been in and are so grateful to the church family for all the memories made.

As God stirs to something different we want to be obedient to this call. Rom 8:14 says that those that are led by the spirit are the sons of God. As his children, we know that his will is better than ours.

What’s Next?

Per our closing agreement, the new homeowners graciously are allowing us to live here until the kids finish school.

We want to wait until we are completely closed before we purchase a home where we are relocating. The level of faith the Lord is building through this process has been incredible and I can’t wait to share everything with you.

Current Remodel.

I thought it would be fun to go through the current home and the changes we made here. Enjoy these before and afters of what we are leaving behind.

If you missed any of the rooms and posts, here’s a link to them!

Well, that wraps up Part 1 of our move. Next post we will share the journey of how we made this decision and how we sold our home – it was such a miracle.

Have you ever had a big move? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.


Timur and Valentina

Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Abigail, Elijah and Seraphima

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  1. Valentina, I’ve been waiting and waiting for this update! I cannot wait to hear where God is taking your family. They are so blesseed to have you. You are my favorite family to follow and wow to videos on youtube.

    1. Innochka, you are so sweet. We cannot wait to share the entire journey with you – my online family.

  2. Thank you for this, we been watching you change this house and so shocked you moving. Looking forward to park two and love the videos. Your family is so amazing.

    1. We are just as shocked, Olga. I’m so glad you are enjoying the videos. This will be a new area we want to do. So lots of videos coming. 🙂
      (And, thank you SO SO MUCH for being our sweetest online family.)

  3. I love the way you put it into words and the closeness you have with God leading you where He wants your family. Praying for a smooth transitions. Moving is hard, but with God its easier. God bless your family! Such a beautiful remodel!

    1. Your kind words and prayer are so sweet. We truly have the nicest only family. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey!

  4. We had two such moves in our 45 years together (both an adventurous event. Now we are looking at at our third, and final move in our retirement years . The scaryest of them all! It would take a lot more space to tell the stories than what is allowed. But, we have many memories from them!

    1. Sounds like you had a beautiful life together Steve and Phyllis. We immigrated to the US from Ukraine in 1990 but I was too young to remember so this is technically our first big move. We are so looking forward to what this adventure will bring.