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Mudroom Remodel and Styling

So excited to finally share the Mudroom Remodel! This was such a neat project.

Check out our youtube video on how we remodeled our mudroom!

When we looked at the home and the small area of the mudroom, we were grateful for even that small area because we didn’t have a mudroom in our previous home.


When we were remodeling the powder room, we decided to get rid of the shower in there because we’d never use it and then make a closet in the mudroom out of the bathtub.


We started with the closet first. 

He framed the closet with 2”x4” boards and build the shelves. Since we had leftover wood from our other project, we just used those for the shelves.

The sliding door hardware was installed then the doors.

If you guys needs any more info on sizes, comment below and I’ll get them to you.

Once the doors were installed and painted. The door pulls were installed. They are gorgeous and very affordable!

These are the baskets that are above the closet, they are from WorldMarket.

Bench wall area-

For the bench area, we used 1″x6″ boards from HomeDepot for the wall. I wanted it slightly higher than the boards on the wall so it looks dimensional. 

  • Apply glue to the boards and nail into the wall. 

We had a leftover board from the laundry room so we used it as a decorative shelf and I love how it turned out. Some plants and a great reminder as we come in and leave the home: Psalm 121:8 The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in.

Thank you Jesus for your protection wherever we go!


Once the boards were nailed, we made the bench.

  • He build the bench out of a 2”x4” the size that we needed and added side boards that we stained to match the rest of the home. The stain we used was Gray Cashmere then Early American over top of it. If you don’t need too much gray Weathered Oak plus Early American is the best stain combination.

DIY Board and Batten Wall-

We’ll do a detailed tutorial on how to make a board and batten wall in the future but he’s a quick overview of what we did. 

The boards were 1”x4”. We bought a 10’ board and cut it in half so they were each 5’ tall then added a top part. Be sure to add adhesive to the back of the board before installing it then nail the boards. 

We used the same size for the top as well and didn’t add a thin strip over the top of everything. Because it’s a hallway and a small area, I didn’t want it to look overstuffed. You can use a large board for the top like a 1”x6” for a thicker look.

Fill all of the holes from the wood with a lightweight spackle and then use caulking where the boards meet the wall to fill the gap. 

Then we paint. We used the same paint as we used in the rest of our home and it’s called Whisper White by Behr. Later I want to add a different color to the top of the boards but for now, it’s just fine.

Well, friends!

That wraps up another fun project for us! It was a large project but worth every hours of work. Up next, is our kids’ most favorite – the media room so they can do their homework there.

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey.



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