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Foyer (Entry reveal)

And just like that, another small project is done! What do you call this space, the foyer or entryway?

Some of the space was worked while we remodeled the kitchen. The floors were changed, walls painted and doors painted so we could move in.

Here is a pic of the space when we purchased the home!

The only thing we have to finish is the staircase. Hopefully a project we will be able to work on in the spring as it doesn’t need to be done now.


Accent wall-

I wanted an accent wall so when you walk into the house it added some life and this was such a simple and easy project. 

We used MDF 6″ boards from HomeDepot. Here’s what we did.

  1. Measure and cut the board to the side we needed. (Use a spacer between each board and nailed the boards with a trim gun. THIS is the gun we use. 
  2. We then filled them with THIS light spackling and once dried, sanded the spaces. Tim caulked the rest of the areas. 
  3. After everything was dry, we painted the areas white. We debated between white and the off white we have on the walls and decided on white. 

It was such an easy project but so affordable and it just adds so much to a wall, don’t you think so? This is what we did in the powder room as well.

  • DOOR– We changed the door locks and THIS is what we updated it to. It’s a black matte to match the rest of our hardware.
  • LIGHTS– The info for the floors is in our kitchen post, these are the lights we purchased for the foyer. The large one right when you enter and then the smaller one above the console table. 
  • AREA RUG– The area rug was a buy from HomeGoods but here are a few options that are similar.
  • VASE– I found this beautiful vase on sale at HomeGoods. It was a really good price but the color was like a blueish gray so I my son spray painted it with a matte black spray paint and look how beautiful it is!


  • DECOR– This is the mirror I purchased, great buy and surprisingly really good quality. The baskets I used, the wooden chain links and woven balls. This is the set of candlesticks, so beautiful.
  • CONSOLE TABLE– The console table Tim built and we will post a full detailed tutorial soon! You can watch the progress in our highlights on Instagram until then. 🙂 It’s under “console table” in highlights.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this simple before and after of our foyer. I hope you feel inspired to add an accent wall in your home. It really is so simple!



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