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Master Bath Remodeling Begins

The master bathroom has some progress and I want to share it! 🙂


Before we begin though, can you please answer me why you would put up this wallpaper? Just why?
I understand you like the floral, that was the style back in the day, but this much floral?
Okay, I’m done. (Insert yikes emoji and what in the world emoji.)

So in the master suite bathroom, there was a wall with a door. The toilet and shower were on the other side of the door.


First, we needed to remove the wall that was dividing the bathroom. We then removed all of the cabinets, shower and tub. Some of the electrical work needed to be rewired and the plumbing moved around for the shower and sinks.

Once all the rough work was done, drywall was next. After the drywall was up, we painted.
We wanted nicer vanities but everything is like 2 – 3 months out now so we just got what Lowe’s had in stock.

Hubby changed the direction of the toilet as well.

We had tile in our previous home and I hated how cold it was.

So when the Mr. and I went out to Home Depot to look for flooring for the bathroom, we found this bamboo waterproof flooring and we loved it. It looks amazing and isn’t cold to walk on and is easy to clean. Winner, winner. If any of you want the color, I can link it for you.

Once we finish, I’ll take pictures in good lighting and you can see how beautiful it is.

The window situation is making the layout a little difficult but, it is what it is and we will have to work around it.

The tile for the shower was installed and walls are finally painted.

Next up, the vanities, hardware and lights.

Then, my favorite, the decor – so excited.

Well, friends. That is the progress we’ve got on the master bathroom.

To see our FINAL remodel check out our bathroom reveal.

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