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Full Kitchen Remodel Reveal

And the final Kitchen remodel reveal is here, friends. Last time we shared the original kitchen and process of the kitchen (find the post HERE) and today we are doing the final reveal!

Kitchen Remodel

It’s so hard to believe that this is the same space! I’m not even sure what to call this style but I’m going with modern farmhouse meets industrial and minimalistic. Is that even a style? 😉

I’m going to share all of the details of the organization in a future post! The organization was by far my favorite. We had a small kitchen in our old home and so this felt like quite the upgrade!


We went on two islands. The one closer to the window is our “work island”. That’s where we keep all of our blogging things and where we will create videos for Valentina’s Corner (finally going to become brave and get in the videos).

The work island is about 4’x8′ and the one with the bar stools is 4’x10′.

(As you can see with the open area, we are missing some shelves. That’s the only thing still missing.)

Check out our easy DIY kitchen remodel.  A detailed post all about the details on our new farmhouse kitchen.


I wanted something very simple and modern but that will hold style with time and these were my favorite

We went with a 3-light chandelier over the work island and a 5-light chandelier over the larger island where we eat.


The flooring was probably the hardest decision we had to make in our kitchen remodel process. I wanted something light but that would be waterproof and easy to clean. We went with the Shaw Waterproof Vinyl Flooring at a local hardware store. The color is 00295 (item #V203200295).

Once we are completely moved in and get settled, I’ll update you with how good they are with cleaning.


We worked with our friends over at SemBro Designs for our kitchen design.

They are such a wonderful family-owned company to work with (my husband goes on mission trips with owners). If you live near Cleveland, Ohio, reach out to them and ask for Vitaly. With code “Valentina”, they are offering up to 25% discount on kitchen cabinets, depending on the project.

We enjoyed our experience with them so much that we will be using them for our laundry remodel as well.


For the larger drawers, we used a 6 ¼” black pull and for the smaller drawers the 5” pulls.

For the smaller drawers, we got the knobs to match.

The finish for everything is black matte. I love the contrast of the black compared to the white but don’t like the shine on black so matte it is!


For the countertops, we went with quarts and the name of it is Liberty Gold and it is BEAUTIFUL. It’s white with gold veins. The veins aren’t too overpowering but enough to bring charm. We had black granite in our first home so I am looking forward to the lighter white quarts. I hope it will be easy to work with.


We went with GE appliances and got them in the slate color. For the range, we went with ZLine and their 36” gas range in the white matte.

They did ship us the wrong color dishwasher but it is being replaced.


One of the hardest pieces for me to purchase was the bar stools. I wanted something that was comfortable yet affordable and appealing. It took forever to find THESE but I absolutely LOVE them, I think they add so much character to the kitchen.

They were affordable compared to other stools and are countertop height.


The sink is a Karran Farmhouse sink and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I still have a drying rack to find but the sink is definitely beautiful.

The sink faucet is a farmhouse style and black matte and I just love the character it gives the sink.


I didn’t have a dishwasher or in-sink garbage disposal in our previous home, so I was pretty excited to finally have them in the new home. After a lot of research, I went with THIS disposal, it had great the best reviews and it is SO QUIET and that’s what we really wanted.

This is the button we purchaed for the disposal.


For the grout and tile we went with the classic matte subway tile and white grout.

Well, friends. That kind of concludes our kitchen reveal.

QUESTION: Should we reveal the office/prayer room next or the powder room on the main level? 🙂

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful kitchen, Valentina! I started following you last year. Love all your recipes you post. This kitchen makeover is fabulous. Would have never guessed those were vinyl floors. I am sure you are going to enjoy cooking in your new kitchen for your family! Love it! Congratulations on a fabulous kitchen makeover!!!

    1. Betsy, thank you so much for being a part of our online family. We’re so happy to have you:). It’s so nice to see this kitchen come to life. So much work but so worth it in the end. Have a most blessed weekend.

  2. WoW! A wonderful kitchen
    reveal that serves your business well & your sweet
    family. Every detail works together to create a warm, efficient and peaceful room
    to grow your family and business. So much space
    to cover I might be tempted to use roller skates. Seriously, wishing you many blessings in your new beautiful home, I look forward to all the projects &
    recipes to come.

    1. Adl, yes this kitchen is not just for personal use and that is why it looks the way it does. And we just love how it turned out. Thank you for the kind words and for being a part of our online family. I am looking forward to all kinds of DIY’s. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful kitchen! I’d love to know what faucet you have here. The link doesn’t go to the same one. Many thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristen. 🙂 The link is working for me if you click on the faucet but HERE it is in case you are still having issues.