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I hope you’ve enjoyed the FIRST and SECOND floors tour of our home. Today, we finally share the final tour and that’s the third floor and outside.


The third floor is the girls’ room. It’s a huge huge room that they will all share. Elizabeth will that one side of the room. Abigail and Seraphima the second side. Seraphima will be in her crib until she is ready to transition and then she will share a bed with Abigail.

They have a bathroom up there and a large closet.

The girls had a white bedroom in our previous home and we are keeping the dressers as they are in excellent condition. We will just replace the hardware on the drawers to give it a fresh look. And we got them sleigh beds.

Here’s some inspiration for what we want to do up there (will be one of our last projects). We later want to DIY them a cute little area for book reading that they’ll all share.


We’ve already covered the front of the home in the first post so I won’t go into it here. But here is the pool house.

Pool house-

We really want to work on the pool house but not sure if that will be a project for this year or next year.

The pool house has a mini kitchen area, bathroom and shower outside.

Here is some inspiration for what we want to do. Just pretty it up a bit and so the kids will not have to come inside with their friends when swimning.

I cannot wait to host of friends and family here.


Because the pool is underground and so dangerous to be open with small kiddos, we will fence it in as soon as the weather breaks.

We just want a simple fence for protection.


This will probably we our last project outside but I want to do a different color, this red just look like Christmas, lol.

One day, I’d love to cover the pool and redo the gazebo a bit.


My husband always wanted a lake. It’s not overly large but we just love it. Just imagining the memories the kiddos will make fishing with dad. We eventually will build a dock there but not in the near future.

Well, friends. That kind of wraps up the tour of our home. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Next week, we’ll start taking you along in the rooms and what we’ve already done. What are you most excited to see? I think we will start in the kitchen as that has made the most progress.


Valentina and Tim!

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  1. Valya, I am blown away by this house and amazing work you plan to do. May God bless your work! Can’t wait to see the tour after you are done.
    Name three (or more) things that you like about Ohio and the area where you live.

    1. Thank you, Tanya. We are really excited about what we will one day accomplish. Not all at once but someday. We really are so thankful for this gift from God.
      Ohio: I love that all of my family is here, that we get to enjoy four seasons and the area we live in is in the country so it’s really quiet.:)