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So excited to finally reveal our new home and all the upcoming projects. I’m sharing all of the current pictures and what we are planning on doing. I cannot wait to share this new journey.

Let’s get started!


We will be turning the home into a modern farmhouse. We live in Ohio so we’ll be starting on the inside and working our way out since it’s too cold to start outside.

Here’s the front of the home and Pinterest inspiration of what we want to turn it into.

In front of the garage, above the windows, we want to do an overhang. In the front of the home by the entry, hubby will be adding a gable. The porch posts with be wood and balisters metal.

In the spring, we will change the shingles to black and add metal roofing to the porch. Though small changes but it will completely transform the home.

There are some projects we want to complete before we move in and that’s the first floor, which we are revealing today. The kitchen we want to completely finish, floors everywhere on the first level and paint the first floor. Those are pretty messy and large projects and since we have 7 kiddos, we want though completed before the move.

Then, the rest of the remodel will take place with us there as we have time, one project at a time.


Here is our current kitchen, YIKES! It is our first project we will be working on.

We are looking for a really clean and minimalist design. A white kitchen with two islands and the island a different color.

Because our kitchen is used mainly for business (for Valentina’s Corner), it’s our largest remodel and biggest expense (but the one I am probably most excited about). We will be removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room and making it one large room.

Living room before picture

We are working with our friends at SemBro Design and I cannot wait to share what they have created for us.

Here is some inspiration.


Here is the Foyer. I want to do one of the walls in shiplap, just not sure if we’ll do the wall of the stairs or the one you look at when you come in.

Before image of the foyer

We will be DIYing the stairs to a more modern look. Just not sure if we want the spindles to go vertical or horizontal. Still deciding, what do you think?


The entire flooring on the main level will be changed and that applies to the living room. The trim and doors will be painted white and I want to redo the fireplace to white.

I’m really excited for that little nook there. Still deciding what we will do there but I think we’ll do a shiplap wall and shelves?

This is all we are planning on doing before we move in. The remaining remodel we will continue to do slowly once we move it. But I’ll share the remaining first floor so it’s all in one post.

The laundry, media room, mudroom and bathroom on the first floor will be done once we’ve moved in. Well, that’s the plan. Things might change and we’ll just see how things go.


Laundry will be our first project once we are moved in.

In our first home, the laundry was so tiny and I am just so excited to bring this new laundry to life. I’m not sure what color I want to go with yet. Debating between white cabinets, light gray and stained light brown.

I really like the idea of having a laundry basket and spot for each child for easier organization. I pretty much no longer do the laundry. Our kids are older and have taken over that work load for me so I can focus on other things. That is SUCH A BLESSING!


We don’t allow our children to use electronics or their phones in their bedrooms so we are always in the living room together.

In the new home, we have an extra room that we will be turning into a media room. It’s where they will do their homework, have their computers and so on.

This is the inspiration for what we will do with the room. When you come in through the front door, it’s the first room to the right.

Between the living room and media room is a wine nook with a mini-fridge and a pantry (storage). We’ll DIY that are as well but haven’t even thought of what we’ll do there. Since we don’t drink and will probably never use the sink there, I want that space to be usable.

Before image of the wine room.


This is the area that will become our mudroom, it’s a small area so not sure how much we can do in there but it’ll be a fun project.

Here’s some inspiration of what we are thinking.


The last room on the main floor is a bathroom that just screams REMODEL ME! Ha. But seriously, here is what we are thinking of doing to it.

I am thinking black or dark gray tile, light walls and wood stains accents.

We were throwing around the idea of removing the tub in here to make the mudroom larger but haven’t decided for sure.

Well, friends. That completes the tour of our first level.

In a few more upcoming posts, I will share the second floor and the third floor and then finally the premises around the home. The third floor is so neat, I’ve never seen anything like it. We are going to have either all the girls up there or all the boys, any guesses? They will get an entire level to themselves.

Once we’ve shared the entire home, we will slowly start sharing the projects and progress. Until then you can see the LIVE updates on our Instagram and Facebook Pages!

So. Which room are you looking forward to seeing transformed most? If you have any tips or ideas – I want to hear about them. Perhaps a hack or new organization or cleaning tip, please leave them in the comments below.

Thank for stopping by, friends! I hope you had a MOST BLESSED Christmas with your loved ones celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Wow. I am so excited for you, as if it was my own project. LOVE all the inspo and all the space you get to work with. Cannot wait to see the final results. It’s all my style to the tea so I’m just giddy ??
    I would do a butlers pantry or a “coffee station” (espresso machine owners here) in the little sink space by the kitchen. And do closed off cabinets in the mudroom to avoid mess ? aahh just can’t wait to see it all come together. Sooo happy for you guys! The property looks amazing as well. Need any new neighbors? ?

    1. You are just the sweetest, Roxi. I’m so glad you enjoyed the inspiration. I cannot wait to see what we come up with and I’m so glad you are coming along for the journey.