Hear My Prayer, O, Lord.

This world has so much to offer us and our children. I bet everyone that reads this will agree; society is disintegrating at a pace so rapid, it’s rather frightening. There is only so much my spouse and I (as parents) can do for our children to protect them from being enveloped in all that the “world” has to offer.

However, lately, God has shown me such a truth it almost made my knees buckle with its importance and power. I, as a mom, often cry in the closed doors of my room and remind God of the scary times we live in. Prayer after prayer I take my despair to the throne of Heaven and many times feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and rather empty. As if I, as a parent, know what is best for my children; forgetting that my God is so much bigger than what this world can possibly tempt them with.

It was in one of my prayers that God spoke to my heart with such gentleness and so tenderly; I could have missed it, had I not been listening. In His presence though, I felt small, pitiful, a sinful human who musters up the courage to come to the throne of the Holy, all-powerful and all-knowing God. Yet the feeling of chastened, undeserving and unworthy felt wrong because I am His child who was bought with a high price.

In His presence, you feel worth, anew and deserving. It’s as if He said “Valentina, yes, you are correct! Humanity as a whole is rapidly crumbling morally and spiritually. Fear not though for your children are my children as well. You cannot always protect them, yet I can. You cannot always see over them, yet I can. You cannot always know what is best for their lives, yet even their hair is accounted for. You cannot fully teach them all there is to teach, yet I am the one that is the Creator of everything you see and that which is unseen. You do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I am the beginning and the end. Though at times you feel helpless and powerless; there is a huge truth you must know. There is a weapon you as a parent have that is so great! The promises of the results of this weapon are unexplainable and unmeasurable. This weapon can cast out demons, heal the sick, return a prodigal son or daughter, show guidance, give hope, provide comfort, help forgive and most importantly put a THICK barrier between your children and this world. This weapon, my daughter is Prayer. Fasting and Prayer. Prayer, prayer and more prayer.”


Many times, as a mother, I will pray the same prayer over and over (guilty as charged). It’s so basic; it’s repetitive, so comfortable and rather usual. Lord, protect my children, may they serve You, keep them from sin, a few other lines of gratitude, Amen. It’s such a repetitive prayer that I could pray it and be thinking of something totally different while praying it. Am I saying these prayers are bad? Absolutely NOT. I just think we as parents, living in a time and age when we need to use the “weapon” God has given us with more force and vigor than ever before. How can I as a mother find “ten” minutes of time morning and evening to pray for my children, myself, my spouse, the body of Christ, my close friends and family, yet expect God to care for me and those I pray for 24/7, no breaks in between. Sounds rather silly, doesn’t it? Yet many of us are guilty of this.

Jesus, the perfect example, prayed frequently; he prayed with others, for others and frequently in solitude. If He, a perfect man, recognized the importance of prayer; then I, must undoubtedly KNOW the importance of prayer and fasting. When Jesus prayed, Scripture says His sweat became like drops of blood falling to the ground. Can you imagine how intense that prayer was? I am sure it wasn’t because it lasted a whole five to ten minutes. He prayed with such agony because He knew what awaited Him. We know what awaits our children, what they may be tempted by, what this world has to offer; shouldn’t we be praying just as fervently and with just as much fierceness?

After this prayer, I took to my journal. I began writing down the things I felt my children needed to be interceded for on their behalf. I began reading through Scripture and seeing the personality of Christ and how I want my children to act and look. It was incredible when I began putting words on paper how much longer my prayers last. It has been many months now and amazing how my prayer life has transformed. When I pray for each of these points instead of just saying “God, help my children have forgiving hearts”, I instead pray for each of them individually and each point. During this whole process, I was amazed that the more I prayed about my children and each of these points, the more I wanted to possess them myself and my husband.

Once during our morning prayer with the kiddos while hubby was at work; I was naming each child’s name and asking God to keep them from having a proud heart. When we got up from prayer our second oldest son was like, mom, I don’t mean to offend you, but why would you pray for Abi not to have a proud heart, she is so young. It was so powerful to tell him that she will have that many more years of prayers over her life not to have a proud heart.

Do I start praying for my children, for God to protect them during their teen years when they hit 13? How much more powerful will it be if I am lifting those crucial teen years from when they are still young? It’s so much harder to pray when there is damage done, hands go down, doubt sets in and faith can be shaky. The things of this world will pass, I will not take a single thing with me to Heaven, but the drops of prayers over each child I strongly believe will help shape Godly characters in them. So many times we find time for so much in our lives; for computers, social media, electronics, shopping, baking, cooking, parks, movies and the list will go on. Yet, when it comes to our prayer life, it can be so embarrassing because we just don’t have the time for it – OUCH.

I went back and forth for some time praying whether to share this in a post. I kept feeling like maybe this would be just as big of a blessing to someone else as it was to our family, especially me, a mom. It can be very frightening knowing I cannot and will not always be able to have my children with me. But the truth that God constantly is over them is one that we as parents can cling to, knowing He stands on His promises. Am I trying to say my prayer life is great? Absolutely NOT. I don’t think that status is ever obtainable, one can never reach an “I pray enough now level”. Do I think that everything will be exactly as I pray? I am not sure what the future holds for myself or our children. Knowing that I spent time praying over each child, I undoubtedly know it will only help and not hurt.

After I started practicing this routine, it’s remarkable how God has shown opportunities throughout the day to quickly pray, and especially prayers of gratitude and worship. Praying doesn’t have to be sitting or kneeling, it’s my conversation with God; it’s me pouring my heart out to Him and it can happen anywhere.

Here are some ideas:

  • When cooking or baking– Great place to constantly thank God for the products we have so we can put food on the table. For our kitchen, appliances, and the roof over our head.
  • When cleaning or vacuuming– Great time to thank God for our hands than can clean, feet that can walk, fresh air that comes in when opening the windows.
  • When waiting in line at the grocery store– Great time to pray for the cash register, or the family of five behind me, or thanking God I have funds to pay for what I will be purchasing.
  • When sitting at a traffic light and our patience is tested– Great time to thank God we have vehicles that get us from point A to point B, and that we have traffic lights that help keep traffic a smooth flow. For that police man that you pass.
  • When in line at the bank drive-through– Great time to thank God I have money to withdraw or deposit; that my husband has a job and can support our family (that line goes so much quicker).
  • When folding endless laundry– Great time to thank God that I have a family to care, to love and be loved by.
  • When ironing– Such an awesome time to put on some praise music and sing along (even if you think you cannot sing, the iron won’t know any better)!
  • And the list goes on.

When I decide to seek God, He will provide those opportunities to talk to Him, whether it be on my knees, in the car, silently in the check-out line, or when I put aside the more important “things to do” and seek Him in solitude or with my spouse and/or children.

I’ve compiled a list of 52 vital prayers for myself, my husband and my children!  Each week we pray over a new topic. Obviously, the list is a skeleton and a starting point for each point. You let the Holy Spirit lead you into a more precise and detailed prayer.

You can pray for all of these alone, with your husband or as a family.

I prayed through these alone for years and now we pray for these as a family. Each week the kids already know we get a new topic and we pray and bless each family member all week long. It truly is so beautiful.

We printed the list and have it hanging for all to see as a continuous reminder.


Lastly, if any of you for the slightest second read this and said she’s trying to say she can pray. Please read the post again. This isn’t to show how amazing my prayer life is (because it’s NOT). Nor does it mean it’s always where it should be. This post isn’t about “ME”. It’s just me sharing how God has revealed the IMPORTANCE of a prayer.

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  1. Valentina. I think you missed you’re calling. Wow this is so powerful. As much as I love your recipes I have been so blessed by your personal posts.

  2. Valentina, Thank you very much for this post. You are the answer from God to me tonight! You are a blessing to us, moms, who are constantly asking God for a wisdom to raise their children. May God bless you and your family.
    I also wanted to ask you how do you occupy your children during summer time when they are home? Can you share how their day goes and what they are doing in their free time.

    1. Thank you Alesya for commenting. Your comment was so touching, but I promise I am nothing special at all. I am a VERY SIMPLE person.
      First, each morning is started with breakfast, everyone does their part in cleaning table & dishes and making beds. Younger two set the table, older two clear it. We then read the Bible. We are doing a story a day so today I will quiz them over what we learned yesterday (they LOVE the quiz part, absolutely love it). This is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of day. I love questioning them to understand what their heart is filled with. Like today we were reading about Saul’s disobedience to God and we went over the different ways we disobey God, and how we can change that habit. They share their ideas and of course I too have to be an example and show how I too sometime disobey Him.
      I purchase for the boys a book from Sam’s Club and during the summer they work on them. I found these 4 years ago and we have used them every year since. They have them on Amazon as well, Creative Curriculum. It’s fantastic it has 5 categories and they do a page of each a day. Takes about an hour to complete it. It helps them keep up with Reading, Writing and Math during the summer so they don’t fall too behind. I HIGHLY recommend them. Sometimes we will skip them if we have something really big going on but for the most part they stick to it (yes, sometimes I need to make them work on it). While the boys are working on that I work with Elizabeth and Nathan. If the boys are done quicker they help with their younger siblings and what I have planned for them.
      I think summer is a great time to teach kiddos how to do stuff. We try to plan out the week so something big is done once a day. Examples: ironing, cleaning out the refrigerator, cleaning out cupboards we use daily, organizing toys, pulling weeds. We clean half the home Thursday and Fri the other half (everyone takes a part of this, yes even the little munchkins). Stripping sheets, wiping down doorknobs & light switches, organizing shoes & washing the garage floor (yes, I wash my garage floor once a week, it’s terrible I know), and so on. Frid evening or Saturday is a fun family day and their reward. Something like the park, order pizza, go swimming, go out to eat, go bike riding, etc. These “fun things” we would have done anyway but it’s nice that they have something to look forward to and know it’s a reward for their hard help all week.
      We really enjoy being in the kitchen, especially baking. We do that A LOT. We love crafts, coloring and water painting, especially the little peanuts. Our refrigerator door and hallway wall are filled with their “masterpieces of art (that need an explanation but still soo cute, hehe).
      Once everything is done, most of their time is spent outside. They spend hours on the trampoline. We have a basketball hoop up against the trampoline and seriously every day, for hours they are on there.
      If you have a problem with kids being “bored”, create a jar with strips of chores to do like: scrub all toilets, organize toys, memorize a Psalm, lose computer time, etc. If you hear them say they are “bored”, to the jar they go. They will quickly forget this word exists, just trust me on this one. Oh and of course be sure the jar sits somewhere everyone can see, it’s a lovely reminder.
      I love being outside with them so once lunch and dinner are made, if I don’t want to play baseball with them I will still sit by them and read or plan my week, or work just so I am present and they love having me by them.
      I am not sure if any of these helped but it’s something like this.

  3. Dear Valentina. I love these posts on family so much. Seriously reread the other ones so many times and every comment. It’s amazing how young you are but can write with so much wisdom. It’s such a blessing. I especially love how humble you are. I have a really weird question that isn’t about prayer. I have a terrible time going to the store with my kids. They throw tantrums, want me to buy stuff and I just do it so they don’t embarrass me. Any advice on that? Also please send me the prayer spreadsheet.

    1. Hello Grace:)
      Shopping, how fun. You will laugh when I tell you how I did this. When our boys were very young I would have “special trips” to the store just to teach them how to act (meaning I didn’t really need anything but made this trip just to teach them). They were like 3 and 2, I would say today you are not allowed to buy anything and we would walk up and down the aisle, even past the candy and toy aisle just for them to get used to it. If they cried or decided they “really need something”, I just nicely asked at customer service if they could just put my stuff back. Following time I would say you can buy 1 item and it needs to cost no more than $3.00. I told them if you make a fuss and want something more than that or pick up two items we would just leave everything and even their 1 item and walk out. Fast forward to now. Same thing. We go and before we even get to the store they know whether they can buy something or now. If it’s a yes how much it can cost. They decide they want more, or begin to fuss, they are getting NOTHING. So like last week we all went shopping (that’s me and 5 kids, fun stuff, I tell ya). I told the kids they all could spend $5.00. The boys came up and brought one box (they combined their money to get a $10 item, smart kids). I helped the little two look at prices.

      I will not allow them to get something every time we shop, that gives them this mindset of I will get something every time I shop. They come with me grocery shopping most of the time and if I listened to everything they wanted I would need a job just to keep up with the things they “think” they need.
      Not sure if you want to try this method but it worked for our family.

  4. Valechka! Thanks so much for sharing this post with us! You did an amazing job! The best recipie of all I think!
    I too feel the power of prayer and how it helps out through out the day and how most of the time when I get up from the prayer I just automatically start singing… I feel so right and relieved.. And some days when I have too much planned and pray rather quickly… I sure do feel the emptiness… It’s so worth and so important to plan and make time for prayer.
    I too would like your idea sheet for prayers and the chore sheet… Thanks so much and may Holy Spirit fill your heart even more with other ideas to share with us! The food for our souls!!

    1. Julie, Thank you so much sweetie for your comment. You are making me blush here. Totally agree with you on everything. I sometimes doubt wether I should post things like this so comments like yours are very reassuring.
      Will sent the spreadsheets to you.

  5. Valentina, I love this post so much! Although I have one child and she’s not even a year old yet, I worry and pray for her so much. The past 2 weeks have been so hard for me. I’ve had this extreme fear of how to raise her right in this sinful world we live in. The world has become so cold and self centered. It is so easy to slip into sin now days. There is no black and white anymore. Everything has become gray with no boundaries or limits. I pray the God gives me wisdom to teach my children to not have a prideful heart nor cling to the things of this world. Your post has really touched me and answered my prayer. I thank God for women like you. May the Lord richly bless you and your family!

    1. Dinochka, THANK YOU so much for you comment, it means A TON. It is never TOO early to start vigorously praying for our children, never. I love how you say everything has become gray, it’s soo true and a very scary truth. But we believers just stand oh His promises that those faithful, He will get us through!

  6. I cried like a little baby. So wonderfully written. I need to pray this over me before I pray it over my children. I come on your blog for recipes and am always so encouraged, even just by your comments:). Your family is such an inspiration to others. My husband and I pray for you guys so you continue to be a light for him. Blessings:)

    1. Sarah, I am not sure why I am inspiring, I truly am not special at all. Our family is very simple and down to earth and exactly like your family, with flaws, mistake and mess ups. But if there is something you found positive to God be that Glory.
      I think we ALL need to pray these over ourselves before we pray over our children, like non-stop.
      Thanks for the comment!

  7. This is such a beautiful post. It’s very hard for me to pray these prayers and feel like God should hear me. I have not always been a Christian and am embarrassed for my past. I feel like God shouldn’t listen to me. :/ I loved when you said in his presence you feel worth, anew, deserving. I cried like a little baby, in my heart I feel that, but just sometimes its hard when old memories come up. Blessed are those children that grow in Godly homes. XO-XO Elvira

    1. “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” (Isaiah 1:18 KJV)
      God is the One sending the invitation to US, HE is the One who wants to reason with us, not the other way around! He knows we are a sinful and unworthy yet He loved us enough to give His life for us. So that through His blood, we may have a clean heart and a chance to start over.
      What I really want to say is: never let your past stand between you and God. When He forgives – He forgets! When God says He made your scarlet sins as white as snow, believe Him and praise Him! None of us deserve to untie the straps of His sandals (Luke 3:16) but through His sacrifice, He has made us worthy.
      May He help you accept His forgiveness and help you put your past behind you! And if you need to continue talking about anything, please email me.

    2. Elvirochka,
      Oh my. I feel so much pain in your short comment. Honey, if I looked at my past mistakes, I would be hiding somewhere under a huge rock so no one would see me. I have made so many mistakes in my life I could write a book and Title it “Valentina’s Mistake” and it would have so many volumes in that series. And you know what is the saddest part, many of those mistakes were a lesson LEARNED and God forgave yet people remember. That is the best part about being a Christian for me. I don’t really pay attention to what others think or say. Life is too short. I made mistakes on a daily basis. I fall, get up, and keep walking. Whenever I fall and think of the past that has been forgiven and forgotten, I know that isn’t the voice I should be listening to and move on.
      When the memories of your past come up remember it’s never Jesus bringing them up. Regardless what anyone does, He forgives and forgets if we are sincere. He sees us now and loves us for who we are, and loved us for who we were because He saw what could become.
      You are beautiful because you are His daughter which makes you a Princess, that’s pretty AMAZING.. Don’t let your past define you, it was washed clean by the blood of Jesus, blood that cleans any sin. We can never be “good enough” by our deeds to enter Heaven all we have to do is try our best and when we stumble He just picks us right back up.

  8. Valentina, thank you for your post. Having three little ones at home, it is very hard to find time alone to pray. Your post is an encouragement. God bless your family and all praying mamas!

    1. Tanya, yes, you are right. It’s EXTREMELY hard. We don’t have to always do it alone. It’s great for them to listen as well and learn and know they are prayed over. Nothing in life that is worth fighting for is easy, but it sure is worth every try. Blessings to you too.
      P.S. Ask your hubby to give you alone time sometimes. He will love the transformation that brings.

  9. I am so bad at changing habits. But this is a change I really need.. :/ I will take the spreadsheet too please. And thank you..

  10. Mila. Thank you. Yes, agree on the spouse part. We purchased that at Target. They have them in turquoise, yellow and white as well. I absolutely love it.

  11. Hello Valentina! Thank you so much for this post & all your posts. You are definitely an inspiration to many. May God continue to bless you & your family. I’d like a spreadsheet please as well:)

    1. Natasha, You are too kind but please don’t think of me as an inspiration. I promise you I am no different than you. I think all of us Christian mammas want nothing more than to see our kiddos walking according to God’s Word. No wealth, fame, social status can bring the joy that our children walking in Christ brings. Amen to that, right? Spreadsheet sent.
      P.S. I am really grateful for the comment, sometimes I am not sure whether to post what is heavy on my heart and comments as yours reassure me they should be posted.
      Blessings to your family as well. May your hubs love you unconditionally so your kiddos see this and are in awe. May your kiddos have so much respect for you as parents and bring you joy by loving God and being obedient. Fondly, ME

  12. Valentina! Thank you so much for the post. It is a big blessing to me! Can you please sent to me the spleadsheet and a chore sheet from your past post. Thank you!

    1. Galya. So wonderful this was a blessing to you, as it was to me! Our God is an awesome God. P.S. I think you have an e-mail from me.

  13. Hello Valentina. Fairly new to you Blog and love it. Love your kids’ videos, I mean by rewatching them over and over. Love your recipes, have made so many of them. TRULY appreciate how unashamed you are to share Christ, so inspiring. Can u please share how you find time for yourself? It may sound like a silly question, I have 3 kids and can never get any time alone!.:/ Thank you very much.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is very inspiring. As a mom of almost six kids ( oldest 6 years old and youngest soon will be born) I defenitly understand and see how prayers and bible reading daily is so important for us mothers. (My biggest struggle:( ). It’s very hard to find time for this most important part of the day. We do read kids bible and pray with kids every night and morning, but I feel that I need my alone time to pray and study bible everyday. I really like your spread sheet please send me one, if you have it in Russian that will be even better. And also chore sheet please.
    I love your personal posts please keep them coming, big blessing for us. God bless your family.

    1. Thank you Marina for this comment, it’s great to hear other mama’s input. Bless your heart with your kiddos being so young and close in age, that is hard. I have added your name to my prayer journal. I totally agree with you, if I don’t get my strength from the Word and prayer than what is my heart filled with and what can I give my children? I will send you all my spreadsheets.
      I know it’s not easy, and especially with kiddos needing so much of you but you’re a wonderful woman that needs a break too (I know it’s nice to hear that from another woman sometime. You will never “finish” all the housework but YOU are very important. Sometimes we mamma’s focus so much on kiddos and hubby and totally lose ourselves.
      Marinka, may God give you so much strength and wisdom and especially PATIENCE. May He bless you with health, your hubby with work to support your family. May your hubby see how tiring it gets with young kiddos and be your support, shoulder to cry on and biggest you can do it, honey, I believe in you.

  15. Hi Valentina. I haven’t yet tried any of your recipes but I will, I just found your posts about marriage and prayer. Thanks, it helps focus on what’s important. I’m a young mom of Abigail 7 months. May I also ask for the chore spreadsheet and bible reading you do and the new spreadsheet on things to pray for?. I am trying to follow a reading bible plan which is hard to follow just wondering if yours is diff. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, congrats on the birth of your daughter, we have an Abigail as well. Oh yes, I totally follow a plan and will send it to you. I have tried many and always go back to the original. This year I tried a very interesting one where the Bible was broken up into 7 days, the law, history, psalms, poetry, prophecy, gospels and letters. I was so excited to try this plan and am so bummed, I totally dislike it.
      So, the classic whole Bible in a year plan for me, I’ll send that to you.

  16. Valentina. I am impressed of your faith in God. I strive to be a good mom to my four children and I just picked some wonderful ways to pray for them from your blog that teaches me not only how to feed them physically but spiritually too. Your kids are blessed to have a mom like you! God bless you. Please send me the spreadsheet too.

    1. Hello Linda, I am so glad that you found this post somewhat helpful.
      I kept going back and forth with whether I should post it or not. With four kiddos yourself, you can relate to how hard it is to be a Christian and a good role model to our kiddos. It’s double the responsibility because we will answer to God for the way we lived our lives and also what we instilled in our kiddos from a young age.
      You are so sweet but I too learn on a daily basis and unfortunately make mistakes all the time.
      Blessings upon your family.

  17. Valechka! So sorry to bother you again… Do you think you could send me the prayer list and the chore idea? thanks so much! God bless your work!!

  18. Valechka,
    This post along with others is very touching, inspiring, and full of wisdom! You always seem to say just what I need to hear. It is so difficult to find the time to read, pray and get all the house work done, and discipline and love your kids all in one day, but only with Gods help we can manage all of that! I learn alot from you, or through you, because God definitely is using you as a wonderful tool for many mommas out there! Keep these posts coming, I think everyone reads them with interest and thirst (so to speak)….
    Also, I wanted to ask you if you would be kind enough to send me the chore sheet and the prayer spreadsheet. And maybe more information on the Bible reading plan that you read by… All of those things are something I need.
    Thank you very much for everything! may God bless you and your family abundantly!

    1. Julia, I was so blessed, touched and inspired but you comment. I am SOOOO grateful that what God is teaching/speaking to my heart about, He is also speaking to others about it and I am NOT alone in the struggles that are SOOO real. Blessing to your family from ours.

  19. I just found your posts and love them all, i have 3 kids we read bible for them before bed but i never have time to read on my own maybe your spreadsheets will help can u send me one please …

  20. Hi Valentina,
    Thank you for sharing this post with us. It was very inspiring to read it! Can you please send me the prayer and chore spreadsheet? Thanks:)

  21. Hello Valentina!
    It’s my first time on your blog today and the very first thing I did was read through your inspirational posts. I want you to know that they were such a big blessing for me! I did shed some tears thinking on my life. Thank you for inspiring us mothers to not only care for the earthly things but first of all make sure our hearts are in close unity with the Lord our God and our family. I encourage you to share more I’ll be looking forward to those posts. And ofcorse thank you for sharing such delicious recepies can’t wait to try them! May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

    1. Hello Faith, I am so glad you stumbled upon our blog! We are so happy to have you here.
      So glad that what God has laid on my heart was a blessing to you as well, to him be Praise!
      Hoping you will stick around.

  22. Thankyou for such encouragement! Truly I believe it the same way! Could u please send me the spreadsheet:)

  23. Can you please send me the prayer spreadsheet, thank you so much! I loved this article, my problem is being consistent with prayer. I am really struggling with it and need God’s help.

    1. Allachka,
      Yes, I agree. At times we get off track and get caught up in the busyness of life. I think that is the wonderful thing about being a Christian. God sees that and he is waiting for us to pick right back up where we left off.
      E-mail sent!

  24. Hello, I love reading your blog, Thank you for your posts.
    You have a very nice family . May God continue blessing you all.
    Can I get a prayer list please in both Russian and English if it is possible .
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Olga for visiting. I am so humbled our blog is a blessing to your family. Glad you hear what we are dealing/struggling/praying about coincide with your family. Send you an e-mail with spreadsheets.
      Blessings to you and your family. May your family be a Bright Light to those around you shining for Christ.

  25. Hello Valentina,
    Thank you for this! Very encouraging. Could you please send me the prayer list?

  26. Valentina thanks for sharing I really enjoy these type of posts. I do have a question how do you do fasting while pregnant or breastfeeding? Or if you have any tips? Thank you and God bless!

    1. Thank you so much, Luba. I’m so glad to hear that, just warms my heart. <3 🙂
      I am not able to do a full no food fast while nursing.
      The Lord has really shown me over the years that I misunderstood fasting. I realized that I would starve myself all day and not really get much out of it because I was so focused on not eating (and that is not the sole purpose of fasting). Fasting is not just disciplining my flesh, it seeking God during that day (or days) and satan robbed that of me by focusing all my attention on food. (I am just sharing my experience, you may be way past that in your spiritual growth, so don't judge, but I like to be honest about my journey.)
      Now it's more of training my mind to seek more intimacy with the Lord in prayer than denying my flesh food. So, here are some ways I fast:
      -If it's just my weekly fasts, I'll do broth or some veggies so I don't get sick because I really will.
      -If I am taking a lengthy fast for something more serious like 3, 5, or 7 days; here are some ideas:
      Remove sugars for that period, or remove meats, or do the Daniel's fast. Fast can be from sleep as well, so wake up in the middle of the night and pray and meditate for a few hours (or go to sleep later or wake up earlier). Fast from social media, or Pinterest. Fast from talking with girlfriends, or going out to eat, or shopping online, or coffee stops. Basically whatever normally brings me satisfaction.
      I see for myself that when my heart is in it for the right reason, sometimes not talking with my friends for a week is more effective and brings greater results.
      Well, I hope that kind of helps. But I understand where you are coming from, it is so difficult.
      Have a most blessed upcoming 2021 year! Blessing you as a wife and mother. My the hand of the Lord be upon whatever you do.

      1. Thank you Valentina for replying. I really want a more deeper relationship with the Lord but sometimes the daily life just takes control. I have three little ones and a fourth one due any day! So it really helps to have some advice from someone who has walked a similar path! May God bless you and what you do!