Our FIRST Home

Before we get into the new home and its remodel, I thought I’d share our current home and where we live.

The home isn’t very large but we’ve made so many wonderful memories here. We built the home in 2005 and had 2 kiddos at the time, I guess it’s safe to say a lot has happened since then.

The main floor has 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a breakfast room, and a dining room that we turned into an office. We slowly started remodeling the house because we just could not find land to build. We didn’t want too many updates since we knew we wouldn’t be here for long. But, sometimes, small changes make a huge difference.


This was one of the rooms we recently remodeled. We had cherry floors in here and dark gray walls.

How’s that fiddle leaf for you? I had to trim it because it was touching the ceiling.


This was the first room we remodeled because it needed it most.  The carpet survived 5 kiddos of accidents (and you know what kind of accidents I mean, ha), bumps and spills and everything in between – it was time for it to go.

And yes, this plant lady has 2 large plants in the room and a third one hanging in the bathroom. Well, because why not?.


The girls’ room (Elizabeth and Abigail) got a makeover not too long ago and I shared all the details in THIS post.


The baby room was another recent remodel that we did. I wanted something simple and very minimalistic that was on a budget. Here’s what we came up with. You can see the rest of the changes in THIS post.


We originally had this space as a dining room. It was pretty useless as we entertain downstairs so we transformed it into our office space.

That wraps up the main floor.


We entertain A LOT! From Bible studies and hosting prayers to different missionaries that need a place to stay the night, we have had so many people come through our home.

The basement is a full basement my hubby finished. We have a kitchen down there, living room, kids’ playroom, two bedrooms (for our older boys) and a bathroom. Here is a glimpse of what the basement looks like.


This was such a hard year having the children at home since March, so we put up a pool for them to enjoy during the summer. We really DON’T like the kiddos spending an excessive amount of time on electronics, so this was our way to have them outdoors. And, it worked. They were in the pool every. single. day!

Well, friends, that pretty much wraps up our humble abode in a nutshell.

With that said, I cannot wait to share out NEW home with you all! Welcome to the journey of us creating our modern farmhouse.

This new journey is so exciting because my decorating style and taste has changed drastically over the years. I think I used to have this the more the merrier mindset before, while now its the less the better. More of a minimalistic mindset. So, the outcome of the new home will be interesting to see.

Question: What about you all? Any of you remodeling or moving? Have you noticed your style changed over the years? I’d LOVE to hear all about it in the comments below.

(P.S. Come back next Friday for a Faith post!)

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  1. What a beautiful house and decorated very nice. Where did you get this beautiful area rug from in your office?