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Master Bedroom Remodel

The master bedroom was by far our easiest remodel we have done so far but it is just as amazing.

Unlike our kitchen, the laundry, and the master bath, the master bedroom was a much easier remodel because there wasn’t as much work.

Enjoy this short video of the full remodel.


This is what the master bedroom looked like before. Let’s just say, yikes! That floral carpet, the wallpaper border.


  • The first thing we did was stripped the wallpaper border. We shared in our powder room post how we strip wallpaper with success.
  • Then the carpet was removed.
  • The doors and trim were painted white.
  • We then painted the walls (we used the same color in the entire home).
  • The floors were installed. These are so inexpensive from HomeDepot. If you are looking flooring, I highly recommend them.


We haven’t fully furnished the entire room but have gotten really far. The bedroom set is by Rachel Ray and we purchased it at a local store named Millers Furnishing. The quality is out of this world amazing.

I still want to get a few chairs to add by the window but waiting to find that perfect addition.


We love duvets. By love, I mean we ONLY have duvets in the entire home.
I purchased our duvet and sheets from Quince. This is the white duvet I ended up purchasing and it is SO SOFT! If you like soft bedding, it’s a must-buy. These are the sheets we purchased.

I didn’t want to purchase new pillows and since I already had different pillows, I just purchased covers. The three covers in the back are these ones. The two in the front are so soft and they are here. And the one in the small one in the front is my favorite cover and it’s this one here.

The duvet I originally had was this one from Target and it was so amazing but our mattress is really thick and it didn’t fully cover the mattress. If you are looking for a more affordable one, then this Target one is great.

As a second blanket, we have this striped duvet from Bed Bath and Beyond and I love it. It’s not too busy but gives the simple white bedding some character.

We have THIS down comforter for both the white duvet and the striped one. And THIS is the pop pop throw blanket. It was so cut that I got my girls another set for their beds. 🙂


The rug is just absolutely beautiful and the pictures don’t do it justice. If you’ve been looking for a light rug, this is the one for you! We purchased it when it was on say at Boutique Rugs. You’ll have to pay for the return shipping so be sure you like what you purchase.


For the light fixture, I wanted something that would tie the bedroom set and the flooring, and this one just looked so beautiful and it wasn’t very expensive.


Though I’m still not done with the accents and decor, we have started on it. This is the vase we have on the nightstand. The clock is so cute but it was a HomeGoods find.
On the dresser with have this cute vase and these beads.

Well, friends, that wraps up our master bedroom reveal. As we make changes to it and decorate, I’ll keep updating the post.

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.



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  1. Everything looks incredible!! How long did it take you to strip down that entire room of wallpaper?? 🥴

    1. Thanks so much, J. The bedroom only had a wallpaper border so it wasn’t too bad. Now, there are other rooms that were covered with full wallpaper and yikes it was not easy. 🙂

  2. You guys did an amazing job! Looks so cozy and beautiful. What is the paint color you chose for your entire house?

    1. Thanks so much, Ana. The color is called Whisper White from HomeDepot and we have it in satin and I love it. It’s a very light off-white.