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We are giving a tour of the Second Floor of our New Home. I hope you enjoyed the tour of the first floor and all of the inspiration (HERE).

On the second floor, we have the master suite, the prayer room/office and all of the boys’ bedrooms. This is new for us as we had a small ranch home and never used stairs. Everything was on the main floor in our current home (the boys had their bedrooms in the basement though).


In the master suite, we have a bedroom, a ton of unnecessary closets, lol (because I just am not really a fashionista so I don’t have a lot of clothes), the bathroom and our prayer room/office.


Yikes! How about the carpets and the border? Also, whoever invented wallpaper needs to stop inventing things, haha. They are a NIGHTMARE to remove.

Here is the Pinterest inspiration of what we want to do. The trim and doors will all be painted white. The walls will be a light color and we are changing the floors.

I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the bedroom set we ordered but I’ll wait until it comes in. It is my FAVORITE purchase for the new home.

In our current home, we had a canopy bed, then I got so tired of it and my husband cut down two of the pillars (you know, cause I’m weird like that). The bed took up so much space in the room. I am so excited to have a minimalistic bedroom.

We currently just have blinds in the bedroom but I am thinking of adding window panels for a change.

The only other choice I have to make for the bedroom is the lighting. Looking for a modern chandelier with some charm. Here are a few ideas, what do you think?

Either a pendant or a chandelier.


My, oh my is the bathroom a YIKES!

We’ll be completely removing the jacuzzi and taking down the wall in the bathroom and making one large bathroom.

This is the closet and the hallway between our bedroom and the prayer room. Just painting and adding some shelves. This side of the home also has a second set of stairs to the first floor.

I want something very clean and simple in the bathroom as well. This is going to be a difficult design because of the weird way the windows are situated, it will be interesting to see what we come up with.

Here is my inspiration board.

Prayer room/Office-

This will be a neat project. I have always wanted to have a “prayer room” or War Room (if you saw the movie). Our home was too small and so when we were looking at this home and I saw the room, I just fell in love with it.

One side of the room will be our work office and the other will be the area I meet God in. I have a few really neat ideas for the area so cannot wait to share it with you. Hint: Shiplap.


The hallway between our bedroom has this beautiful built in nook with cabinets, it’ll be a fun place to redo. Should I leave it the color it currently is or paint it white?


Joseph has his own bedroom. I wish it was a little larger but it is what it is. I want to put a custom DIY built desk and shelves in the little corner that he has. I can’t wait to see what the hubby does.

Something like this.


The two will be sharing a bedroom. We found them the cutest farmhouse style twin bedroom set. They share a bathroom with Joseph.

Here is what I’m thinking of doing. I’m not sure I want an entire wall in black (seems a bit too dark for my taste) but we will try to create something with this inspiration.


He wants one of his walls in brick. So, we’ll either do a wallpaper that looks like brick or there are sheets you can purchase at HomeDepot.

He has his own bathroom that we will redo to match the new room.

Here is the inspiration of what he wants. I already got a beautiful duvet for him so I’m gonna have to make them all work.

Well, that wraps up the second floor, friends.

Have you noticed anything though? We didn’t show you the girls’ room! That’s because there is a THIRD floor. Yup. And it is SO CUTE! Next week, we will share the final reveal and that will be the third floor and outside of the home.

Once the tour is done, we’ll be sharing the progress and it is good! See you next week.

P.S. Follow us on Pinterest! We will be posting inspiration, organization and tips for the home there. 🙂


Tim & Valentina

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