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Laundry Room Remodel Begins

We are slowly continuing the remodel of our home. We have made some serious progress in the laundry room and I wanted to share the progress.

In our first home, the laundry room literally just fit our washer and dryer. Sometimes I wanted to complain about the small laundry I had but then I am quickly reminded of the millions of women that wash their clothes by hand and I am grateful for the opportunity to even have a room dedicated just to the laundry. 🙂 So that’s how we respond to the negative voices in our minds.

Because we have such a large family, the size of this laundry is just such a blessing. Thank you so much Jesus.


And we begin our laundry room remodel-

We wanted something a little different in the laundry, so the first thing we did was give the ceiling some charm.

You can see the detailed post of how we created the ceiling and “fake” beams HERE and detailed videos on our Instagram.

Just like our kitchen, we worked with our friends at SemBro to purchase our cabinets. The color is Dove and it’s a light cream. Since we already had white in the kitchen, we thought we’d go with something different here. If you call them and give them our code, “Valentina”, they are offering a great discount.

We’ve always had a top-loading washer so we wanted to try something different. I want to have the countertops overtop of the washer for extra space. I hope I’m going to like that.

On the other side of the laundry, we want to custom build a laundry organizer or tower (not sure what to call it). Since we have so many kiddos, it is difficult to stay organized with so much laundry. So, hoping this will help with that. Each child will have a bin for them and their clothing.

We will then have some shelves for decor and an area for the large laundry baskets that will hold the dirty clothes.

The final side just had a fridge and we aren’t sure if we will keep that fridge in here or custom build a large storage/utility closet. We will see how it will all look once we completely install everything.

Well, friends. This is the progress that we have made in our laundry room remodel. When we do the reveal, we will share all the details for the items we purchased for the laundry room.

Thank you so much for visiting our online home!



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