RV Remodel

Sharing our RV remodel. We purchased an older RV that needed a little renovating. My hubby and I took on the project and I’m pretty excited to finally share the results with you.

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A picture of the inside of an RV shiwing the kicthen and dining area.
A before picture of the old RV we remodeled.

RV remodel-

We have many dreams and goals. One of them has always been to travel around the US in an RV. This has been something we’ve wanted to do for many years but wanted the kids to be old enough to enjoy the trip and remember it. We decided this was the year to do so.

I really enjoy a good renovating project and so we purchased a motorhome for a great price and renovated it. I wanted to do everything on a low budget, I’m rather happy with the results of the project. 🙂

The RV kitchen with a plate of oranges and flowers.

kitchen –

Instead of replacing the cabinets, we just painted them white. I used a bonding primer for wood and then just a regular white over the primer. Looks wonderful. The cabinets weren’t in the greatest condition, so it was a bit of a challenge, but we made it work.

For the handles, I just used black spray paint, gave the cabinets appeal.

For the backsplash, I used stick-on square tiles. You’d never know it wasn’t tile. For the countertop, I wanted a little character, so I got a wooden vinyl adhesive that we cut out into a countertop.

Interior on a remodeled RV kithcen with a rug on the floor.

living room-

For the “living room”, I used a black and white striped wallpaper.

Since I wanted a black and white theme, I found a set of décor throw pillows. There are super cute and really good quality.

I couldn’t pass up the plant hanger (think one of my favorite purchases for the RV, haha! #plantladyproblems).

The futon converts into a bed and there’s another mattress underneath it.


We bought storage benches and hubby made a table. He designed the table so it converts into a bed for the kiddos, so neat!

I made the cushions for the benches. We just got fabric from JoAnn’s and covered the cushions with the fabric. The boys just stapled the cushion and fabric onto a thin board for durability.

The kitchen runner was such a great purchase, it fit perfectly into space.

The front of the rv with a living space and the driver seat.


I just love how beautiful the bathroom turned out. I used THIS black and white floral wallpaper. Just like the kitchen, I used the stick on backsplash, just a little different design. I love how the bathroom looks.

A before picture of the RV bathroom.
The after picture of the remodeled bathroom.


Lastly, was our bedroom. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was not appealing – not at all. There was a mirror on the sidewall. My hubby took out and replaced it with wood that Elizabeth stained. Though you can’t really see it in the picture, the stain is such a pretty color (it’s the same as the table).

The after picture of the bedroom remodel in the RV.

on a personal note-

As I publish this post, we departed on our trip across America. We were initially going to go for 3 – 4 weeks, however, sometimes life throws you curve balls. Almost a month ago, my dad went into the hospital sick. He had quadruple open-heart bypass surgery and I had to be home for all of that. Praising God for a successful surgery and now the slow recovery begins for him. Dad holds a very special place in my heart so that was hard to see (yes, I’m a daddy’s girl).

Have you ever traveled in an RV? What was your favorite and least favorite part about the experience? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.


A before picture of an old RV.


Picture of the living space of the remodeled RV.

Looking forward to having the RV for the kids after we return for the trip to enjoy with their friends to have sleepovers and playdates in it. I’d say it’s a really neat place to get away whenever someone needs some quiet time.

Also thinking it will become my place for some time with the Lord, my “war room”.

And that’s a wrap friends.

Special THANK YOU to our kiddos who were a huge part of this remodel. 🙂


Timur & Valentina

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  1. Wow are you sure this is the same RV?? ? You guys did an amazing job looks so clean & fresh!!

    1. Aaaawww. You’re the sweetest! I wanted to create a space we could use after as well and we wanted to do it on a small budget and the challenge made it even more fun!. So glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Love it! Turned out beautiful, cozy and functional. I definitely would not mind traveling in that. Hope you all have the best time, post pictures of the trip. Would love to hear about it.

    1. Thank you kindly! I don’t get to do as much decorating and designing as I used to so this was really fun! 🙂 I’ll be sure to share our experience (the good and bad). Thank you for being a part of our online family.

    1. Thank you, Katy! He is already feeling better, it will just take a while for a complete recovery. I’m just so grateful for the wisdom God gave to those in the medical field.

  3. Love this remodel!! Good job you guys.
    Would you do a video and give a more detailed tour? And then show us how/where everyone sleeps and maybe even how you meal plan etc?

    1. Sounds good! I will :)! Though meals are super simple, we are loving the experience.

  4. Wow, it is really impressive how you could transform it into cozy home!!! We love going somewhere in our RV trailer, next week it’s church camp, kids always look forward to that. We have traveled only across our state so far, but this is so nice to travel across America!!! Please share your experience, your posts are always so interesting and inspiring,
    God bless you&your Dad???

    1. It truly does feel like a comfy mini home away from home.
      So glad your kiddos get to experience church camp, so fun.
      Thanks for the feedback on our personal posts, Natalia. So happy to hear you enjoy them, truly inspires me. (p.s. I’ll be sure to documents everything we’ve learned in case someone will one day decide to go visit and can use the info.)

  5. Your RV turned out great! Nice job!
    We traveled (summer of 2016) with a pull behind camper from Virginia to the west coast stopping at America’s must see places like: The Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Hoover Dam, Hot Springs in ID, Antelope Canyons in AZ, The Great Salt Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Devil’s Tower in WY, Gateway to the west Arch, Mount Rushmore, and other spots in between. Ended our trip with the Arc Encounter in Kentucky before heading home to VA. Best part was having all the kids (5) with us before they grew up and got jobs and busy schedules. Worst part was the 2 year old didn’t remember much. Top destination was The Grand Canyon! Would totally go again!

    1. Your trip sounds DREAMY! Can I ask, how long did it take you to visit all of those areas? We hope to stop at many of those as well. I hadn’t heard of a few of the ones you mentioned, we’ll see if we can add them to our stop. Thanks, SOO much for sharing – great destinations. (P.S. This is EXACTLY why we decided this year. Our oldest will be 16 soon and wants to start college classes and will start driving and it just is a different season in life, so wanted to experience this with him too.)

  6. Such a beautiful transformation , I look forward to hearing about your RV vacation I love to follow your blog❤️

    1. Thank you for being a part of our online family, Jessica. We are so happy to have you a part of our family. 🙂

  7. Wow!! Your renovations are amazing!! We had a class A for 5 years. Had a lot of great times traveling. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. RV’ing is such a fabulous way to see the country and meet a lot of interesting new people. Thoughts and prayers are with ur father.(I also was a “daddy’s girl.”)

    1. You are totally right, driving through the different states has been wonderful, really enjoying God’s creation! This will definitely be an experience the whole family will remember for the rest of their lives (minus the 7-month-old). So grateful for technology and that we are able to record everything.

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful remodel! What a testament to your belief in hard work, great “eye” for details (in food and decor), and recognition of the need to get away! You and Timur did such a wonderful job! When did you find the time, LOL! Enjoy it!


    1. Thank you, Christine! You’re so kind and I’m totally blushing. I went to school for interior design but being a stay-at-home mom had me put everything on hold so little projects like these give me SOOO much joy!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your home away from home. It’s beautiful. You and your husband and children will have a wonderful time. You might think about tossing a tent and sleeping bags in , sometimes it’s fun for the kids to sleep outside in a tent next to the RV.
    I would enjoy receiving your post on your spiritual struggle. I’m very happy for you that your Father survived. I am not doing well as my daughter who was 67 died on her 68th birthday
    Exactly 6 months ago. She had a massive heart attack with a lot of complications. I am struggling to understand why.
    Sorry to burden you with my pain.
    I very much enjoy your blog and the recipes are wonderful. Take care. Reb

    1. Rebecca, we love having you a part of our online family – truly do! I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, that must be so hard. I will be keeping you in my prayers (may Jesus bring you complete healing). You gave us such a great idea, we got hammocks this morning and will use them on our next stop in Texas.

    1. You’re so kind, Victoria! I’m so glad you enjoyed our house on wheels remodel.