Family Updates 2019

This post has been sponsored by Dasani Sparkling® and Gold Peak®, a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are so excited that another school year has come to an end. What better way to celebrate than with a family picnic together?! The weather was so beautiful and it was so nice to enjoy some quality family time together.

We have a new tradition of doing a post with family updates during the summer, and I love sharing that with all of you.

A family sitting on a rug outside having a picnic.
A family having a picnic outside on a blanket.

family picnic-

It’s Grilling Season with Giant Eagle, so we wanted to give them a huge shout out for providing us the perfect location to find all products needed to enjoy our time together as a family and to celebrate another school year that’s come to an end and the beginning of making memories in the summer.

Whether it’s summer grilling at home or taking the family on a picnic, we can count on making one stop at the grocery store to purchase all the necessary groceries needed. This makes it so much easier for me as a mamma of six. 🙂

Eight people on a rug outside having a picnic.

Thank you. Giant Eagle, for not only providing the drinks needed on a hot summer day but also the deli meat, bread, fruit, and donuts for our family picnic.

We chose DASANI® Sparkling (has no artificial flavors, zero calories and contains no juice) for the kids; it’s a great substitute when they want something fizzy, refreshing, and hydrating.

Mine and my husband’s choice was Gold Peak® REAL BREWED Tea (The Taste That Brings You Home®). It’s real brewed (real black or green tea leaves, real tea leaves, real sugar, home-brewed taste). We were able to bring the tea on our picnic along with some glasses, share, and enjoy personalized servings.

A girl holding a Dasani drink with a guy standing next to a grill.

Compliment your summer grilling with the refreshing taste of DASANI® Sparkling water, savor the moment, and enjoy the real brewed taste of Gold Peak® REAL BREWED Tea when you grill out this summer. Raise your BARB-IQ at GiantEagle.com/Grilling.

QUESTION: What is your favorite must-have for a family picnic together and what’s your favorite thing to do at the park? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Lady pouring Gold peak tea into a cup at a family picnic.
Gold peak tea gallon on a blanket next to a bowl of ice and dasani waters.

summer plans-


We are currently in the stages of renovating an RV (follow along on Instagram and our closed FB group). In July-Aug, we will be taking our family on a trip to the West Coast from Ohio for a few weeks.

We’d love to go visit some churches along the way, stop for some sightseeing, and visit the different beautiful places our country has to offer. If you have a great place you LOVE, please share in the comments below – we want your input.

We’ll be sharing our trip on the blog here as well, so stay tuned!

house flip-

My hubby has been doing roofing for most of our married life. It’s rough! The growth of our blog has allowed him to no longer work 60-80 hours a week, thank you, Jesus.

I have a degree in Residential Planning and Design and have always dreamed about renovating a home that has potential so that’s what we are doing. We purchased our first home that we’ll be remodeling, I may just share the journey here on the Blog. I’m excited to see how this goes for us. 🙂

family update-

Benjamin (15.5)- our oldest, got his driver’s permit and finished his first of high school. Like how old does that make me? He wants to be a physician when he grows up and I am totally seeing that come true for him. He’s very shy and quiet. Still has his braces on from last Aug., we are ready for those to come off.

Joseph (14)- won the David’s award at school for being a Biblical David in our time. He has a heart of gold and stands up for the truth and doesn’t go with the crowd. Truly cannot wait to see how God will use him, a natural born leader.

A collage of different family pictures at a park, on a park bench.

Abigail just turned 5 (June 22). She’s the sweetest little girl. Her hair is a nightmare to keep up with but I can’t bring myself to cut it. She’ll be starting kindergarten this upcoming school year. I am NOT ready for that. She is a girlie girl. Can do her makeup all day if I let her, she likes my 4″ pumps that I used to wear back in the day (it’s all about the flats now, I’m getting too old, ha) and can change clothes 4 times before lunchtime, lol! She is very aware of what sin is and is not afraid to tell you. Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment with her.

Elizabeth (9 in July)- she’s going into 4th grade and is all about that drawing life and slime (we could do a slime garage sale, lol)! She loves sports and is very athletic. She has such a tender and quiet spirit and loves to sing praise songs.

Nathaniel (7)- going into 2nd. He’s so funny, like legit funny. The things that come out of his mouth sometimes are just WOW. He has such a deep understanding of God, it’s beautiful. He can turn anyone’s day from bad to great in no time.

Elijah (almost 6 months)- is God’s biggest blessing to us. He’s the calmest baby we’ve had and he’s just so loveable and happy. Truly happy. The kids just love him to pieces.

Collage of different family photos.

And hubby- well he’s just the same amazing person he always has been, wise beyond his years! Wonderful dad, an amazing husband and my most dearest best friend 🙂

Friends, thanks for visiting our online home and being a part of our family. You are all such a blessing to us. And if you’ve read all the way through till the end, you the real deal.. Haha, that was longer than expected. 🙂

So many of you have made and shared our recipes with your friends and families and I am so so thankful!

(P.S. I absolutely love to hear from you, so don’t forget to comment below..)


Timur & Valentina <3

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  1. Hello Valentina,
    You have truly a beautiful family.
    I have really enjoyed following your corner and delicious recipes, (if I could keep up making them).
    Besides that I would love to hear about spiritual growth, and what changed.
    Its very important to me.

    1. You’re so sweet, Olga. Thank you kindly for being a part of our “corner”. I’m so glad that interests you and makes me want to jump for joy.

  2. Hey Valichka!
    Come see us down in Kentucky! We have Noah’s Ark down here and we would love to have you in our humble home. Please let us know a little ahead of time so we won’t be out of town ourselves ;).

    1. Thank you for the beautiful invite, Luda, you’re so sweet (saving your email:)..)! We will add this to our potential route, Noah’s Ark has been a place we have been excited to visit with our family.

  3. Please do share about your spiritual growth, that would be amazing to hear. How interesting about the RV and the home. Keep us posted. And great pictures of the picnic, what a beautiful family you have

  4. HI!
    Thats so good to hear your husband can now work less or not work. How long have you been working on this blog?

    I really want to hear about your relationship with God how its changing.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Thanks so much, VB. And he still definitely works, just not 60 hour week, what a blessing. I hope to one day share my journey, stay tuned.