2021 End of Year

I cannot believe another year is coming to an end. 

I just wanted to take this post and just thank all of you for all the wonderful support we receive from all of you. We feel so blessed and loved by you, our online family.


Those of you that are new here. The Lord blessed us with an older farmhouse on 50 acres that we are remodeling and sharing the journey with you. We moved into the home in February of 2021 and here is our progress on the home!

  • KITCHEN- We worked on the kitchen before we moved in. It was the most complex remodel and took the longest time. Read all about it HERE.
  • POWDER ROOM- The next small project we did (before we moved in) was the powder room downstairs and though small, it was a HUGE transformation. Read about it HERE.
  • MASTER BATHROOM- The master bathroom wa the last project we completed before moving in. And the full post is HERE.
  • LAUNDRY- The laundry was the first project we did once we were all moved in. You can follow the post HERE.
  • MASTER BEDROOM- We didn’t really do much in the Master Suite, but it is still a huge change and you can see the before and after HERE.
  • PRAYER ROOM- This space is so personal to me and you can see the changes HERE.
  • ENTRYWAY- Our first piece of furniture we made was for the Entryway, all the details HERE.
  • MUDROOM- This was the project the kids were most excited about, details HERE.T

The last project which I’ll be posting later this week is the Media Room! What an awesome project.

Family Highlights of 2021:

  • Tim and Valentina- We celebrated 19 years of marriage on November 30th. So thankful to the Lord for so many amazing years. We have grown in the Lord, we’ve grown in our relationship and with our children.
  • Benjamin- Benjamin started his senior year in high school and he got his braces removed. It is so wonderful to see him making his own choices and decisions. We are praying about what to do with him once he graduates as the world has taken an unexpected turn last year. We hope he will go to missions somewhere and serve but the Lord has to work on his heart.
  • Joseph- Joseph got his driver’s license in June and got braces put on this year. He is a junior in high school and the biggest help a mother could ask for. He has such a servants heart and whoever marries him will be so blessed.
  • Elizabeth- She is just becoming such a godly and wonderful young lady. She takes after her mamma and likes everything clean and organized and I am so grateful. She loves to cook and we have been introducing her to more and more in the kitchen. 
    • This year she went to middle school (sixth grade) and is transitioning so well. She really is stepping into identity in Christ and not baffled by what the world is trying to pressure her into and I am so proud of her.
  • Nathaniel- He is the goon. He is the one that just can make anyone laugh regardless what mood you are in. He is in the Chess club at school and loves it. He is in the fourth grade and thriving. 
  • Abigail- She is our special child. Elizabeth had two older brothers so she doesn’t care about fashion and makeup. Abigail on the other hand is a diva to the max. She loves to wear dress up clothes and play make up and do her hair. 
    • Being bilingual, she has really struggled with school and that has been hard to see. We are praying she catches up. She is in second grade.
  • Elijah- Elijah will be three in January. He is so fun and has so much character. He is speaking up a storm and is a total boss. He is potty trained and is so independent. 
  • Seraphima- She is just such a princess. She turned one in April. She is really taking her time with milestones. She sat when she was 10 months, started crawling at 12 months, 17 months started standing and walked at 20 months. We are so grateful for each milestone.

Well, that wraps up the happenings in our family! How many of you guys knew all the kids’ names?


This year was full of spiritual growth. I have learned more about God, spiritual warfare and the spiritual world more than other years combined.

Those of you that follow us on Instagram, I often share on there that I had two brothers that went through drug/substance abuse about 4 years ago and how that rocked our world. I hope to share that on here very soon! This forced me to really look into my spiritual state, and, unfortunately, it was not as wonderful as I thought it was. I realized how much of a lukewarm and religious Christian I was. How a lot of the things I believed and did were not out of love for my Saviour but because that is was I was raised to do yet deep down inside I never understood it.

I cannot wait to share with you all the revelation I’ve received over these years as I finally feel I’m at a place where I can be raw and share. It’s deep. It’s raw. It’s life-changing!


The Lord has been opening doors for me to speak at conferences and women’s events and it has been so humbling. I’ve always had such a deep desire to serve women and share openly the things the Lord is revealing to me. How he is exposing the things in me that do not serve him and how painful some of these things were and how much of me still needed to be replaced with Jesus.

I love meeting women from different walks of life and where we can sit together at the feet of Jesus and learn from each other. Thank you, Jesus. I give you the glory and honor in all of it. And, it’s been such a joy to meet so many of you in person, we have the nicest online family.

Well, that wraps up 2020. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in 2021!

QUESTION: What has 2021 been like for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.



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  1. Hi Valentina, you have a beautiful family. I am praying that God continues to reveal Himself to you this year and provide new opportunities for you to reach other women with the beautiful gospel of Jesus. God’s power is truly transforming and it is wonderful to read how you are growing in Him. 🙂 This past year has been full of change for me. After the loss of a molar pregnancy that turned into cancer in 2018, God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl in 2021. I’m from Canada and it has been a harsh year of tyrannical restrictions. I have family members that have lost their jobs because they refused the jab and me and my husband were (maybe still are?) facing that possibility as well, but God has placed Proverbs 3:5-8 on my heart. I must let go of my fear of the unknown and trust God for leading and provision. This world is not our home. Let go and trust. 🙂

    1. Faith, thank you for the kind words, I accept them in the name of Jesus. I’m so sorry about your molar pregnancy and rejoice with you and your baby girl. The past year really has been a challenging one. Our faith has been tested like never before but as Scripture tells us, it will only get worse for Christian living in the end times and I truly believe that is where we are. It is so encouraging that you are so far and we’ve never met, this is not our home and we will meet at the feet of Jesus together.