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Small Bathroom Remodel (Powder Room)

The before and after for this small bathroom remodel is unbelieveable. The powder room has such an amazing transformation!

Powder room remodel with a small white vanity, toilet and two-light fixture.


Can we just talk about this wallpaper? Like what even, haha!

This bathroom originally had a shower tub. It was on the first floor and we knew we’d never use the shower but wanted more space on the other side of the wall (for the Mudroom). So we took down the shower and closed the wall.


So, the wallpaper was so much fun to remove, said no one ever. We tried different things and found the easiest method was to use the scoring tool on the wallpaper. We then added warm water with vinegar to a plastic sprayer bottle and sprayed it down. We peeled the first layer and sprayed again and this time used a scraping tool to remove the remaining parts.

We tried wallpaper solution as well but found that vinegar and warm water (make sure it’s really warm) worked just as good and so much cheaper.

Before picture of a bathroom remodel.

Here’s the picture of the wall taken down, wall put up then drywalled. YIKES!


What a transformation! No?

We wanted all of the hardware in a matte black and I love how they look.


For the featured wall, we debated between wallpaper and shiplap. I ordered the wallpaper and didn’t care for the design and quality of it so we did shiplap. We used an MDF board and cut it into 6″ strips, this was the cheapest route.

The paint was from HomeDepot and it’s called Carbon Copy. It is BEAUTIFUL! It’s something between a dark gray and charcoal.

This vanity is sold out but here is a SIMILAR one (it came with black and silver drawer pulls). I just loved this faucet, it’s even nicer in person. It kind of reminds me of when we still lived in Ukraine and used to get water at the well.

And if you know me, you know I need a plant in here, ha! I just loved this Peace Lily. Love this modern flower pot set and used the larger of the three planters for this powder room. This is the plant stand I use.

This is the 2-pieces hardware set we ordered and I love how the soap dispenser ties in the colors from the light fixture and the rest of the bathroom.

I originally purchased a rectangle and this round mirror and liked how the round mirror looked in this bathroom.

The wall on the left stills looks like it needs something and I think we’ll add a floating shelf over the toilet seat. Don’t you agree?

But for now, we LOVE it.

Well, friends. This wraps it up for he powder room. I’m so happy with the results.


Tim and Valentina

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    1. Yes, we give the exact info in THIS post. The floors are absolutely breath taking but I’d say a little hard to care for. They are easy to clean and waterproof but you see dirt easily.

  1. Love this! looking for ideas on our small bathroom remodel! Do you know the size is of the vanity, mirror, and light fixture? Having a hard time choosing and this looks amazing! Thank you!

    1. Hi there, Shelby. This is a really small bathroom and the vanity fits perfectly. The size is 30-in wide x 34.5-in high x 22-in deep.