20 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies

Sharing some of our favorite and must-have cleaning supplies. I love a well-stocked utility closet and these are the products I always have on hand.

1. Swiffer duster-

This heavy-duty Swiffer duster is great for those hard-to-reach areas that need to be dusted and kept up with.

2. Magic rags-

These magic rags are probably my favorite cleaning item. You can wipe just about anything in your home with them and you don’t need to add any chemicals to the water. Just this rag and water. Appliances, furniture, glass, and mirrors all get cleaned leaving no streaks.

If there is one item that you need to try on this list, it would be this one! When you first purchase them they are hard to touch but as you wash them, they get softer.

3. Magic erasers-

These magic erasers are perfect for getting off marks on walls, cabinets, and even furniture. Just get the eraser wet and wipe.

4. Bucket-

What is cleaning without a bucket? I love these buckets! They aren’t large and bulky but still holds a lot of water.

5. Cleaning Brush Set-

This set comes in different sizes and shapes. You’re able to use them for different cleaning projects.

6. O-Cedar Mop-

I’ve always washed my floors with a rag but once I tried this mop, I’ll never go back to anything else. I love that I don’t have to bend down to ring out the water and just easily do so with my foot.

7. Stain Remover-

We love this product as a stain remover. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals but still does the job.

8. Bar Keepers Friend-

This product is great for all things kitchen. Stovetop, oven, pot, and pans may be used with this cleaner.

9. Household Cleaning Gloves-

My hands are very sensitive and when deep cleaning, I need gloves. I love that they may just be rinsed and reused as needed.

10. Multi-Surface Concentrate-

We have floors in our entire home and I love this product, as it works on all of our floors.

11. All-Purpose Cleaner-

This is the best all-purpose cleaner. I like to use it in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry.

12. Homemade Glass Cleaner-

We also LOVE to use our homemade glass cleaner.

13. Method All-Purpose Cleaner-

The product we use on our counters.

14. Toilet Cleaner-

Our favorite toilet cleaner,

15. Toilet Brush-

I like to keep a brush in each bathroom and this one and this one are my favorite.

16. Broom Set-

This is the broom set we use inside and this is the one we use in the garage and outside.

17. Window Blind Cleaner-

If you have faux or wooden blinds in the house, I love to keep them clean with this brush.

18. OXO Stainless Steel Squeegee-

For the shower glass doors, I use the magic rags and a squeegee for the tiles.

19. Shark Vacuum

We tried many different vacuums but found that this one is the favorite one for hardwood or vinyl floors or carpets.

20. Cleaning Supplies Caddy

I like to keep all of the cleaners I need in a caddy so it’s easier to have everything together on cleaning day. This small caddy is great if you want a different caddy in the master bedroom.

What are your favorite cleaning supplies? I’d love to hear about anything I’ve missed and try it in our home. Share in the comments below.

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  1. My favourite cleaning product is Shaklee’s Basic H. It’s a concentrate that you mix with water. It’s my main cleaning product!

    1. I’ve never tried it, Marianne. I will definitely have to pick up some and give it a try, thank you so much for sharing.